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1. We Dongguan Jinsheng Electronic Company is a leading Mobile headphones manufacturer located at Shipai Town, Dongguan City, China. We have been professionally producing Headphones and earphones for more than 6 years, we have more than 120 workers including 6 experienced engineeers, 12 QC workers, our factory has a workshop of 3000square meters.

2.  We have 8 pieces of product assembling line that can produce about 21000pcs earphone per day. We also manufacture cables and speakers ourself, so that we can have a total quality control of the whole earphone and headphones. We have testing machines for Salty testing, Vibration testing, Drop testing, Life testing for speaker, Frequency testing for speaker, Polarity testing for speaker, Distortion testing, Anechoic chamber, RoHS testing, Strain relief testing, on-line microphone and remote control testing and Etc.

3. Because we have our own cable department and production line, so we can have total quality control system for cable production, also we can design and develop new cables, including new material and new design, now we can producing high quality hinged cable with pure brass, silver plating pure brass cable, transparent cable and painted flat cable, Etc. We also can develop cable according to customer design.                                                                                              

4. Because we have our own speaker deparment and production line, we have a much better control for the sound quality, our earphone not only has a much high sound quality, also the quality stability for mass production is very good! Our QC test each piece of the driver before and after assembling, we strictly control the tolerance of the SPL within 3dB or 2dB.

5. Our QC will have a hgih strict appearance inspection after finishing production according to quality control system, including plug, cable, earphone case and package, checking one by one. The most important is that we test the sound quality by Frequency testing machine one by one of the earphone before packaging. Our current customers are all acknowledging our quality control system very well!

6. Our R&D deparment not only improve our production process, help to reinforce the quality control, but also design and develop new item! Our engineer group design and developed 6 new high quality sports in-ear headphones recently, especially the dual driver sports earphone, sound qualty is much better than single driver, much more clear sound, wider frequency response, and much better stereo!  We also can develop according to customer design!.

7. We Dongguan Jinsheng Electronic company pay full of our hard working on Quality control system and New item developing!   We will have more new design with high quality earphone and headphone in the very near future!        


We Dongguan Jinsheng Electronic Company has a engineer group professional at Designing and Developing new earphone and headphones.

1. We newly design and developed Dual Driver In-ear sport Headphone! Dual driver earphone has a much more clear sound, wider balanced frequency response, more clear and distinct stereo!.

2. We also design and developed fashionable metal die-casting in-ear type sport earphone with pure brass hinged cable!


In order to offer a high qualtiy and customer-like earphone and headphone, we always keep on reinforcing our quality control system, listening to product review and feedback from customer! Keep on desiging and developing new items and making Improvement!


We Dongguan Jinsheng Electronic Company has a high strict Quality Control system! All our product is inspected by our QC according to our quality control system!

1. Inspect all the material one by one, including plug, cable, earphone case and Etc.

2. Inspect each of the speaker by Frequency testing machine and Polarity testing machine

3. Inspect each of the earphone and heaphone by human ear and Frequency testing machine.

4. Fully strict inspection for appearance checking including package.

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