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Dongguan Jinsheng Electronic Company’s manufacturing process is aimed towards crafting the world’s finest Metal Mobile Earphones that provide the users with most genuine and detailed sound experience. Our In-ear earphones bear high-resolution details, sturdy construction, minimal size and highly comfortable ear buds, making them an ideal choice for everyone with diverse music needs.

Best Ever Chinese Headphones

The dynamic drivers in the earpiece are specifically engineered to deliver desired audio quality in combination with the earphone’s lightweight metal housings. Our powerful range of dual drivers and custom drivers caters to full range sound production, providing extremely durable build and most demanding sound quality to those who seek best quality compact in-ear headphones.

Full-proof Noise Isolation

The entire product line can be availed in a range of colors and designs that boast comfortable ear buds that slide in conveniently and sit securely inside the ear canal. Leading cause for noise induced hearing loss is high volume levels and noises from the external environment cause the user to increase loudness. Our colorful headphones are not only comfortable but also contribute to excellent noise cancellation resulting in uninhibited and authentic sound production.

Smart Controls & Microphone

The in-ear headphones feature an in-line remote and a microphone that allows the user to have convenient control over volume levels and calls with all compatible mobile devices. In addition, advanced speakers with custom drivers and crossover filter cater to seamless frequency response which avoids irregularities often found in conventional driver systems.

Our product line features high quality In-Ear Headphones including Metal earphones, lightning earphones, sports earphones and sports metal earphones. JINSHENG also offers a range of drivers with dual speakers and different types of best quality gaming headphones that enlists us among leading Metal Earphones Suppliers.

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